Cybersecurity software firm secured S$2M A round

Cybersecurity software firm secured S$2M A round
Cybersecurity software firm secured S$2M A round

The company is a 2 years old AI driven cybersecurity firm in Singapore offering a unified suite of internet security solutions. They were already valued at S$10 million when we started working with them. What they were seeking was S$2 million in new funding support to expand their product capabilities and market reach. They are looking for end-to-end fundraising support to allure and entice investor’s interest in their business.

Our Roles

In our meetings with the firm, we learned that the business model had huge potential to compete, even outperform, its competitors. We were genuinely impressed by the amount of research and dedication the company had put into their business model and gladly accepted to assist them in raising funds for their firm.

We started with capturing the detailed information of the company, including its capital structure, target markets, revenue drivers and future plans etc. so that we can identify a unique investment proposition that sets them apart from competitors and attracts investors.

After we crafted the perfect investment case for the firm (sexy equity story + robust financial model + sensible business valuation + inducing investment offerings), we reach out to an effective scale of massive investors all over the world. We also reached out to our investor network to the ones who were more likely to show an interest.

The Result

After numerous meetings, presentations and calls, the company made the decision to engage with an investors group in Singapore who provided financing for the entire round.

Once entered the discussion stage, it took the firm 4 months and 13% business equity to raise the S$2 million funds. We worked as the company’s advisor throughout the process, finalized terms with the investors group, and prepared all the documentation for the transaction.

The financing was structured as a convertible note, with the option to convert into equity at the end of the term. Company used those funds to improve their product user experience and its features and market it to a larger audience.

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