Expert Knowledge, Guidance and Advisory

Proven Track Record: Established in 2006, CAPITAL.MY has helped >120 startups and emerging companies get investment ready, pitch and raise hundreds of $millions.

Who Can We Help?

Startups, SMEs, Corporate & Professional looking for funding to launch or grow their business via angel investment, venture capital, private listing, IPO, IEO, STO, and debt financing.

How Do We Add Value?

Design a compelling offer (equity story, financial model, IPO, M&A), promote to targeted investors (lead-investors, follow-investors), address concerns (due diligence) and get funded on your term (negotiation).

Our services including:

Fundraise Model and Business Valuation

Financial modeling, business valuation, investors list and pitching materials.

Capital Raising

Guidance and support from A to Z in capital raising, deal structure and negotiation.

Investor Access

Connect you with the right investors and funding sources – angel investors, venture capital, private listing, investment banks, IPO, IEO, STO and debt financing.

Public Listing – IPO

Use the power of a public company to raise capital.

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