Public Listing – IPO

Use the power of a Public Company to Raise Capital

Many benefits that being a public company offers such as increased valuation, using public stock as currency to acquire other companies and assets, liquidity, prestige and to reduce the need for expensive loans.

It also makes it easier to raise capital since once you become public it gives you credibility and a benchmark trading price to raise capital against.

公开发行上市, 是企业迅速发展壮大的主要途径, 为中小企业建立了直接融资的平台, 有利于提高企业的自有资本的比例,改善企业的资本结构,提高企业自身抗风险的能力,增强企业的发展后劲. 建立现代企业制度,规范法人治理结构,提高企业管理水平,降低经营风险。树立品牌,提高企业形象,更有效地开拓市场,降低融资与交易成本. 可利用各种金融工具,进行行业整合,迅速做大做强.

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Over the years, we have successfully raised capital and listed 30+ companies in US OTC markets, Nasdaq and NYSE.

Our dedicated and trusted network of professionals and advisors are capable of managing the IPO process from start to completion, including pre-IPO fund raising and post­-IPO management.


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