Healthcare Products Company Raised S$5M Series B Round

Healthcare Products Company Raised S$5M Series B Round
Healthcare Products Company Raised S$5M Series B Round

The The company is an established corporate entity HQ in Singapore with offices in Malaysia and China dealing with manufacturing, production and distribution of health related products in Southeast Asia. The business was generating lucrative revenues and had already raised S$2M in their Series A funding round. They reached out to CAPITAL.MY to advise on relative valuations, making investor introductions, assists in negotiations and due diligence in their series B round.

Our Roles

CAPITAL.MY was exclusive financial adviser to the company following previous equity raising assignments. Our role in this funding round was primarily in preparing outreach campaigns to help introduce the business to prospective investors. So, when they contacted CAPITAL.MY, we sat with them to understand their growth model and analyze how best we could support them in aligning with the right investors. Since their company was already doing well and they wanted to take it to the next level and scale growth, we would mostly target venture capitalists and late-stage VCs for the series B round.

The Result

We began by analyzing the company’s capital structure, determining appropriate investment offerings based on due diligence conducted earlier, then prepared the necessary paperwork and documentations for fundraising.

Once we had all the paperwork and the investor deck ready, we introduced the company to our network which could serve as the best funding partners. In 2 weeks, we managed to deliver approximately 100 investor engagements on this deal, out of which around 30% responses seeking business decks and for scheduling a call with the firm’s founders.

Once we entered the discussion stage, it took 3 months to raise the S$5 million funding in the series B round. As a result, the company successfully added a new vertical to their business, which led to a dramatic increase in their revenue and substantial growth.

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